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Owner Tonya Beck and her beloved Pug, Frankie, invite you to experience Grand Rapids’ warmest and most inviting grooming pet spa and boutique for dogs and cats. We at Canine & Feline Design believe a pet is not just a pet, but an extension of your family and its lifestyle. Our experienced staff provides quality pet grooming and exceptional styling services, while ensuring that every pet is treated as if it were our own. Welcome to your second home!

Questions & Answers:

How often can I bath my dog?
As long as you use a shampoo designed for dogs you can bath as often as once a week. Frequent bathing my require a conditioner so you don't dry out the hair as well as the skin of the dog.

Can indoor cats get fleas?
Yes, indoor cats can get fleas through various means: through open doors or windows that are low to the ground, when someone walks in from outside and carries fleas in on their shoes or clothes, or when your cat comes into contact with another pet animal that has fleas.

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Prepare Your Pet for Fall

Fall is upon us and that means Flea Season. If you have not been treating your pet for fleas this summer; fall is the most important time of the year to do so. As it becomes cooler fleas will look for a host to live on for the winter, also known as your best friend. We highly recommend using topical monthly treatments such as Frontline® Plus or K9 Advantix®. We carry both products in our boutique for your convenience or most pet stores and Veterinarians also carry them as well. The best and most economical way to avoid a flea infestation, which can be costly and time consuming, is Prevention! However; if you find that you already have a flea problem, we offer flea baths that will kill any fleas, eggs, or larva on your pet. Feel free to contact us if you ever have any questions concerning the treatment for fleas or prevention.


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